Working in Zakynthos!

So, you decided it's time to spend your summer working to a warm, fun place like Zakynthos?
Well, think again!!! Summer time in Zakynthos means work-work-work and then some more work... If however you are sure you wanna go through this, fill up the form below to let us know a few things about you!

The following table reflects the current situation on jobs openings

Currently OPEN job positions

Bartenders 1
Public relations (outside of the bar) 1
Karaoke* 1
Cook/Grill chef* 1

* Doing karaoke nights and quizes nights 2-3 times a week for the year 2006 summer season (from May to October).


The people that are willing to come early and stay longer in the season take priority over the ones that come later or leave earlier! We receive many Job requests every day so try to come AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE and try to go back home AS LATER IN THE SEASON AS POSSIBLE! In this way you stand much better chances to get a job in Zakynthos!
Timing is VERY iportant! Coming here early means MUCH more than having any experience at all!

To be considered for one of our jobs you must include a photograph and complete the application form.
Please use this link to insert a photo of yourself as attachment.

Notice: All the fields are required except the few words about you ...











Coming Over:
Going home:
Job position:

A few words about you:

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